Impedance measurement application using the E4980A LCR meter and E4990A Impedance Analyzer.

This application is used in a production line where electronic components are produced. At the end of the production line a robot is used to pick and place the components in a fixture. There is one fixture for LCR measurements and one fixture for the Impedance Analyzer. Limit Testing is done by the Application using Marker data from the Impedance Analyzer. There are 5 Markers used for this purpose. The setup of the Impedance Analyzer is stored in settings file on the instrument, the LCR setup is done by the Test Application using the parameters from the xml configuration file. The application is build using C# and Microsoft .NET framework 4.0. The application is communicating via LAN Sockets with the E4990A Impedance Analyzer and E4980A LCR meter.

The application communicates with the robot to perform complete measurement cycle for each component and to report if the component is Pass or Fail. The application is also logging all test results for later statistical analysis and performs the required calibration steps for both instruments.

For debugging purposes there are calibration and test buttons available to control the application without robot communication. These buttons are disabled during normal operation.