Labwindows CVI.

LabWindows/CVI is a proven ANSI C integrated development environment and engineering toolbox. LabWindows/CVI is used to create stable, high-performance applications for the manufacturing, military, aerospace, telecommunications, and automotive industries. Take your concept to hardware faster with built-in hardware libraries, analysis functions, and a GUI builder with engineering UI components.

The LabWindows/CVI integrated workspace provides an intuitive, convenient interface for creating and managing large projects. You can also customize each of the areas to fit your specific development style and preferences, and integrate with source code control, requirements management, and data management systems. 

The NI LabWindows™/CVI development environment includes a workspace window that is divided into five main areas: Project Tree, Library Tree, Window Confinement Region, Output Region, and Debugging Region.

The projects in your workspace are neatly organized in a list called the Project Tree, which provides easy access to project files and tasks. At a glance, you can determine active projects in bold and modified files indicated by asterisks. Source code control tools can be integrated into LabWindows/CVI and icons appear next to files that have been checked out by you or a team member. With rich right-click menus in the Project Tree, you can accomplish a wide variety of common tasks on the project, files, and folders from a convenient location.

Navigating through large applications is simplified with the Source Code Browser, a cross-reference tool that lists selected files, functions, variables, data types, and macros in a program. The browser helps you identify how different parts of a program interact with each other.