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Functional Test Systems for automotive industry

Functional Test Systems are designed to test the product functionality. The goal is to guaranty the delivery of fully operational products to end users. The system presented here is one used for the Automotive industry. The system was build using “Keysight Technologies” components and included the testing of: RF, analog and digital signals combined with CAN-Bus communication paths. The tests and matrix switching are controlled by the “TestExecSL” test executive software platform. Other software modules are used to control the communication with: Databases, Bar/Data-Matrix scanner, Ticket printer and fixtures.

This automotive test system is used to test the functionality of the central control unit:

  • Air Back system
  • RF control of open/close doors, flashing lights depending on distance (RF-Level)
  • Cruise control
  • Radio control
  • Lights ...

RF shielded trayThe RF part of the test required a RF shielded box (-70 dB)


Functional Test Systems for aerospace defence

Test automation software like "TestExecSL" (Keysight Technologies), "TestStand" (National Instruments) or "TAP" (Test Automation Platform of Keysight Technologies) is mainly used for building Functional Tests systems like the one below. These platforms are programming language independent. Handle switching components and include exception handing.