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LabVIEW, developed by National Instruments, is a graphical programming environment used to create T&M (Test & Measurement) programs using hardware from National Instruments or other vendors. From data collection via instruments or insertion card to powerful analysis and data storage to graphical visualization of the information. 

In short Labview programs are created by interconnecting Labview objects. This running pack of objects is saved as a VI which in turn is used again to continue the building process at a new abstraction level.


Visual Engineering Environment abbreviation to Vee is developed by Hewlett & Packard.
Cat-Solutions provides consultancy training and projects with the latest version of VeePro 9.3.
VeePro 9.3 New Features are:

  • Multithreading and Multicore Programming Support
  • SCPI Completion
  • Private UserFunctions
  • LXI Support
  • Conditional Breakpoints and Breakpoints Window
  • Integrated Database Support
  • Supporting Custom Menu in XML Format
  • Error Call Stack
  • New Toolbars for VEE Objects
  • Enhanced Default Preferences Dialog Box
  • More Windows Standard Dialog Boxes
  • NaN and Infinity Support

VeePro code

VeePro consists of objects (standard and user created) as shown in the image above. The objects are connected using wires and data is transported via the wires.
A group of wired objects can be transferred to an user object to create a new abstraction level. The objects can contain a front panel which can be used to create dialog screens etc.